St Matthews By The Sea

Committees of Lay Leadership

Note:( * denotes a new member, ** denotes a new officer)

Staff-Parish Relations

Class of 2017

Garnett Fowler

Dennis Julian

Class of 2018

Ed Kuznick

*JoAnn Strawser

Class of 2019

*Anita Angeny

*Bonnie Zonko


Dee Granger

Board of Trustees

Class of 2017

Jill Brown

Skip Twilley

Frank Heberlig

Class of 2018

Nancy Anderson

Charles Zonko

Mark Brennan

Class of 2019

*Barry Harbold

*Woody Hodges

*Vicki Daisey

Lay Members to Conference

Dee Granger

JoAnn Strawser

Lay Leader

Dee Granger

Finance Committee

Bert Edwards (chairperson)

Mary Brennan (treasurer)

Harry Yeich (Secretary)

Dee Granger

Dennis Julian

*Charles Zonko

Pat Plocek

Bill Kelley

Administrative Council

Pat Plocek(Chairperson)

*Michele Overend (Secretary)

Anita Angeny (UMW)

*Mary Brennan(Treasurer)

Bert Edwards(Finance)

Dennis Julian

*Charles Zonko

Jacquie Christman (Missions)

Don Harkey (United Methodist Men)

Vicki Daisey (Disabilities)

Dee Granger (Lay Leader)

JoAnn Strawser (NHN)

Debby Dudley( Choir)

Carol McCloud (Worship)

Council Members at Large

Class of 2017

Wanda Bagarus

Bob Cooper

Linda Price

Class of 2018

George Bell

Bob Cooper

Linda Price

Class of 2018

George Bell

Jim Hayes

Marge Hynson

Class of 2019

*Ron Jones

*Ron Nagers

*Deb Thornton

Worship Committee

Carol McCloud

Viola Weiss

Susie Howard

Vicki Daisey

Peggie Ball

Bonnie Wright

Karen Clark

Don & Alison Godfey

Monica Hafner

Committee on Lay Leadership

Class of 2017

Nancy Purchase

Don Yelton

Class of 2018

Linda Lewis

Sue Rixham

Class of 2019

*Karen Knight

*Gail Stubbs

Lay Servants

Jacquie Christmas, Merle Dimeler, Jim Hayes, JoAnn Strawser, Mary Anne Van Arsdale, Jack Coxe, Dee Granger, Bob Nickle, Deb Thornton

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St. Matthews By The Sea

St. Matthews By The Sea
Bruce Miller, Minister

Debby Dudley
Debby Dudley, Director of Music

Cathy Morgan
Cathy Morgan, Organist

Pamela Woodside
Pamela Woodside, Administrative Assistant

Dee Granger
Dee Granger, Lay Leader

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