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 Traditional or beach casual.  You decide!  We cherish our beach location & lifestyle.

EARLY WORSHIP SERVICE:  SUNDAY 8:30 a.m.  This service is THE service for early risers and those who head to the beach or boating in the afternoon.  It is our most well attended service in the summer months and lasts about an hour.  Children’s Church Memorial Day to Labor Day replaces children’s Sunday School.

SECOND WORSHIP SERVICE:  SUNDAY 10:45 a.m.  This service is the most well attended off season.  The message is the same as early service but we are blessed with the choir and/or bells & chimes mid-September to mid-May.  This is THE service for those visitors and residents who enjoy our laid back, retired lifestyle.  No early risers here.

  Our communion table is OPEN TO ALL.  We observe communion the first Sunday of each month.  Shepherds take blessed communion baskets to share communion with our home bound people.

  The worship message is always Biblical with many examples of how the Word applies to our daily lives.  Our talented pastor shares stories and quotes and has been known to break into song when the words of a song enhance our understanding

  Special instrumental or vocal music bless every service during the summer.  Choir and/or bells & chimes entertain during the second service off season.  Congregation praises through song using both traditional and contemporary hymnbooks.