Wednesday’s Word – December 16, 2020

Wednesday’s Word – December 16, 2020

Wednesday’s Word

Good Wednesday Morning to You!!  Hope you are experiencing a wonderful Advent Season.  I have to say, last night I just totally enjoyed myself.  I ate left over spaghetti and meat balls for dinner, Ann and I hopped in the car with Ann’s sister and her husband, Ann’s Mom and Dad, and we were off to look at Christmas lights!  And the night ended with ice cream!  How great is that!  When I got home (about 20 minutes ago) I thought about a book written by Mike Slaughter entitled:

“CHRISTMAS IS NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY Experience the Joy of Living and Giving Like Jesus”

 I got in my office a few minutes ago, found the book, and began to look through it again.  I was reminded that the challenge Pastor Mike Slaughter gave his church folks was to spend less on their families at Christmas time and give an equal amount of what they spent on themselves to the Sudan Project in Darfur, Sudan.  At the time of this books printing, the Ginghamsburg UMC in Ohio has given over $5 million for humanitarian relief in Darfur.  WoW!

That in turn reminded me of the happy folks at SMBTS who on Monday packed all the Christmas packages for others to receive.  They had the same attitude; BLESS OTHERS!  Christmas is not OUR birthday!  Slaughter tells us in this book; “Expect a Miracle.” Give Jesus what he wants for Christmas! And what does he want?   

The King will reply, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”  (Matthew 25:40).

 Blessings,   Pastor Mike          

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