Wednesday’s Word – December 23, 2020

Wednesday’s Word – December 23, 2020

Wednesday’s Word

Good and Glorious Wednesday to You!!  One day till Christmas Eve!!  Two days till Christmas!!  WoW!   I expect many are wondering, “Have I been naughty? Or, Have I been nice?”  Well, the Good News is… It’s not about you and me so much as it is about why Jesus came. 

So why did Jesus come?

Both Mary and Joseph were visited by an angel.  Mary was told who the baby was, Joseph was told what the baby would do.  Can you hear the conversations they had when Jesus was born.  Mary, “The angel said He is the Son of God.”  Joseph, “The angel said, He will save his people from their sins.”   Why did Jesus come? 

As Jesus grew and lived his time here on Earth, he was constantly answering that question—why had he come?  On thirteen occasions, Jesus himself used the phrase, “I have come …”

      I have come to call …. sinners.  (Matthew 9:13)

      I have come …. In my Father’s name.  (John 5:43)

      I have come …. To do the will of God.  (John 6:38)

      I have come …. From him, and he sent me to you.  (John 7:29)

      I have come … as a light to shine in this dark world.  (John 12:46)

Beloved of God, Jesus came for us all, whether naughty or nice.  He came because he loves us and wants to rescue us from the Naughty and  he wants to spend eternity with us in his Glorious Kingdom!  Amen!

Have a Mary, Joseph, and Jesus Christmas!!      

Pastor Mike                 

                                           (from a great book by David Jeremiah:  “Why Nativity?”)


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