Wednesday’s Word – June 10, 2020

Wednesday’s Word – June 10, 2020

My two brothers-in-law have been planting a garden with all kinds of vegetables.  I remember when I was a young boy one of my favorite things to do was to pick a big, fat, tomato off the vine, knock the dirt off, and eat it right there in the garden. And that always reminds me of the story of *Tomato Jo.

Tomato Jo loved tomatoes!  She ate them all the time. After a while it got expensive buying all those tomatoes, so she decided to plant her own.  Trouble was, when she got to the seed store, they were out of tomato seeds!  The clerk said, “I have carrot seeds,” so Tomato Jo bought carrot seeds.

When she got home, she planted the seeds but instead of pouring water on them she poured tomato juice on them.  She thought, “This way I’m sure to get tomatoes!  She got CARROTS!

She went back to the seed store… no tomato seeds… bought strawberry seeds!  … poured tomato juice on them … now I’m sure to get tomatoes.


Tried Blueberries …got BLUEBERRIES!!!

Folks, Tomato Jo may have loved tomatoes but she did not know this rule of life:  We reap whatever we plant.  If we sow carrots, we get carrots.  Strawberry seeds get us strawberries.  Blueberry seeds bring blueberries.  If we sow anger, we reap anger.  If we sow hate, we will reap hate.

On thew flip side, if we sow love, we will reap love.  If we sow peace, we will reap peace.  If we are “nice to people,” people will be nice to us.  And if you want tomatoes, plant tomato seeds!

I was encouraged this morning by remembering this lesson from the garden.

Blessings,   Pastor Mike


*from “How Long Is God’s Nose? J. Timmer 1997”


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