Wednesday’s Word – June 24, 2020

Wednesday’s Word – June 24, 2020

Wednesday’s Word

This week our Men’s Disciple Bible Study Group is reading about Comfort and Reconciliation, and how God restores the people.  One of my favorite parts of the study is the weekly evaluation of “Our Human Condition.”

This week it says:  “In the darkest hour of our misery, our guilt, and our pain, when we experience the consequnces of our sins and the sins of others, we angrily blame others, refuse comfort, and deny new, creative possibilities.  We think all is lost.”

Looking at what is going on in our world these days and nights, it sure feels like there is cause for concern.  But Hey, “All is not lost!”  Isaiah reminds us, “This is what the Lord says – – ‘I made you, I formed you in the womb, I will help you:  do not be afraid!’”  (Isaiah 44:2).  Thank God, God made us . . .  we did not make God!

Isaiah asks, “Who shapes a god and casts an idol, which can profit him nothing?”  We think of idols as statues, but idols can be anything that is given value and power above God.  Because of that, there is only one correct answer to the following questions:

Who created me?

Whom do I fully trust?

Whom do I look to for ultimate truth?

Whom do I look to for security and happiness?

Who is in charge of my future?

I know you know the answer!



Blessings,   Pastor Mike

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