Wednesday’s Word – June 9, 2021

Wednesday’s Word – June 9, 2021

Wednesday’s Word

Refilling Our Faith in His Presence   Matthew 14:22-36


Good Wednesday Morning to you! On this Beautiful Wednesday I am reminded how much God loves us. Did you hear the thunder and see the lightning last night?! WoW! Times like that help me remember that the Lord is near and that he knows our deepest needs. Sometimes it is a challenge for us to see Jesus in the most desperate storms of life.           But know this, no matter how strong we believe we are, Jesus is stronger. He is the master of wind and waves … and our lives as well. Read Matthew 14:22-36.

Imagine we are Jesus’ disciples in this story.           What would we be feeling?

  • Jesus sends us to the boat to cross the lake
  • The winds pick up—the tiny boat is tossed
  • In the storm we see someone/something walking on the lake
  • We hear Jesus say, “It’s OK … Don’t be afraid”
  • Peter walks on the water … then begins to sink
  • Jesus & Peter get in the boat and the storm stops

If we had been in the boat, what would we have done in the middle of that raging storm? Give up and head for shore, Complain but carried on, Encourage everyone to keep rowing, Pray, Scream!

One thing is certain: feeling that the Lord is out of touch or out of reach is one of the most terrifying experiences a believer can have. But always remember this, Jesus controls the “elements” and the “enemy” and whatever “elements” or “enemy” we are facing the Bottom Line is this;

God is our refuge and our strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.”   (Psalm 46:1)

So, on this Beautiful, Calm, Wednesday Morning … Know God is with you!


    Pastor Mike

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