Wednesday’s Word – March 31, 2021

Wednesday’s Word – March 31, 2021

Wednesday’s Word

Good Wednesday Morning to You!  Well, here we are in the middle of Holy Week already.  We’re moving very quickly from Palm Sunday and celebrating Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem; to Holy Thursday; to Good Friday; to victory over hell, death, and the grave on Resurrection Sunday!  During Easter, we celebrate that, through Jesus’ actions, we have direct access to Almighty God.  The Curtain has been torn!

Today’s story begins back when Adam & Eve disobeyed God (Gen 3).  Because of what they did, humanity was separated from direct contact with God and put out of the garden.

Later, in Mosses’ day, God instructs the people to build a Tabernacle with many curtains, including one that will separate the “Holy Place” from the “Most Holy Place” (Exodus 26:31-33).  Symbolically, the Curtain separated a Holy God from a Sinful People.  The room was entered only once a year on the “Day of Atonement” by the High Priest.  He would make a sacrifice to gain forgiveness for the sins of all the people.

Now, in this Holy Season, we remember and celebrate the sacrifice Jesus made in that “Most Holy Place” on that first Easter.  We recognize that when Jesus, as our High Priest, died on what we call “Good Friday” the curtain was torn from top to bottom! … showing that God has opened the way!  We again have direct access to God!

So have a “Blessed” Wednesday, and a “Holy,”  Holy Week!


             Pastor Mike

Read More: Mark 15: 38-39;   Hebrews 9;   Hebrews 10:19;   Hebrews 6:19-20

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