Wednesday’s Word – May 12, 2021

Wednesday’s Word – May 12, 2021

Wednesday’s Word

    I Was Reading “1 Thessalonians 4”

   First of all, Paul writes to the folks at Thessalonica and makes this plea… “Please… People… Live a pure, and a holy life!”   The Apostle Paul wants them (& us) to abound more and more and to control ourselves.  We could say, take care of your own vessel—that is—your mind, body, and spirit!  Paul is saying, “Get a grip.”  Walk to Please God not self!  Amen?!  Store up riches in heaven!  God says, “Here on earth, I’ve got you covered!”

   Did you know that everything we are struggling for is already stored up for us?  It’s already waiting!  First thing we have to do is study to show ourselves approved as workers for God.  We need to take care of our own business!  Why?  So we won’t fall short and be in need!  In other words, stay disciplined, because if we “slack” we will “lack”! 

   Hey, I’m not saying it’s all about works but what we’re trying to accomplish in life and in the LORD will experience a hindrance if we have a spirit of “slackness.” We need to remember, “Mr. Slack” always brings his buddies along: sloth, sluggish, sleepy, and sloppy. Diligence, on the other hand, brings a willingness to count the cost and cultivate the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  Folks, we can’t replace going deeper with going cheaper!  Increase comes when we are willing to study and pass all the tests so we can make the grade. 

   So, what are the tests?  The tests are deliberately taking one spiritual growth step at a time.  What about?: 

      Up early to pray?  Pass that… go on to the next. 

      Speak a kind, holy word? Pass that… go to the next.

      Read/Memorize Scripture?  Pass that… go to the next. 

      Bible Study?  Pass that… go to the next. 

      Self test; Tithe test; Lust of the flesh test; Holy Conversation test;    

      Forgiveness test; Calling sin “sin” and dealing with it test;

      Studying to show yourself approved test.  … and many, many, more!


So what’s your test today?  …this week?  …this year?

Whatever it is, you can pass it!  In Jesus you are more than an over-comer!    Amen.   


Many Blessings,   

    Pastor Mike            

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