Wednesday’s Word – May 26, 2021

Wednesday’s Word – May 26, 2021

Wednesday’s Word

“Apply thine heart unto instruction,

and thine ears to the words of knowledge”  (Proverbs 23:12)


Not too long ago, a “Rehoboth Beach Local” posted a late 1960’s picture of four very young men performing at a rock-and-roll school dance.  They wanted to know if anyone knew the names of the players and the name of the band.  Well, you guessed it, it was three of my friends and me.  It got me thinking about the good old days.  Ever spend time doing that?  I am sure you have!

Looking back, we often see high school and college as the days of carefree fun.  Of course, that’s because after we graduate from school we are bombarded with additional cares.  Sometimes the current day-to-day stuff like working, paying bills, and all the other grown-up responsibilities makes the memory of sitting in the classroom, playing sports, and singing in a rock and roll band seem like a piece of cake!

The truth is however, learning can be hard!  School is not as carefree as we remember it being.  Think about it.  Back in the dear-old-golden-rule-days there were: Names, Dates, Equations, Fractions, Philosophies, Term Papers, and Dangling Participles all of which still give students a whole boatload of grief.  And all that knowledge doesn’t just flow into your brain and stick.  We have to make a choice to study and learn.

It’s the same with the things of God. Looking forward, don’t be discouraged.  We have learned in the past and we will continue to learn.  Just always remember, no matter what challenges life brings, our heavenly Father is always by our side waiting to help us. Which reminds me … as the Body of Christ in this SMBTS community, don’t forget to pray for our current crop of scholars, teachers & helpers, administrators, cooks & custodians, bus drivers, and parents and everyone else who will help make our students successful.

And most importantly, all of us need to remember, we’re all students.  So “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a worker that needs not to be ashamed, rightly handling the Word of truth.

Many Blessings,

Pastor Mike,

“A Twist in Time” band member

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