Wednesday’s Word – May 27, 2020

Wednesday’s Word – May 27, 2020

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with our Dover District Superintendent Rev. Dr. Kyung Hee-Sa.  She asked me how we’re doing corporately and also personally; what steps we’re taking to be safe, etc.  I basically thanked God for the blessing of this Fellowship we call Saint Matthews By The Sea.  I shared with her your loving acts of kindness even in this uncertain time.  Yes, things are changing and we are trying (with great leadership from our Administrative Council) to order, and in some things, to re-order our steps.

Now, at the risk of revealing how my mind wanders, “steps” took me to “Footprints in the Sand” by Margaret F. Powers, where we’re reminded that God is with us even when times are difficult.  To continue the meander, as an old “Baltimore” Colt fan who loved Johnny Unitas, I remembered how he would receive the ball, take seven quick steps straight back, plant his right foot, and throw the football.   …  same thing … every time!

Bottom Line!  Whether God is carrying us in our weakness or whether we’re doing the same seven steps every time because it seems to be working, our focus has to remain on God’s word because this I know, God is the one who will bring order to our journey.

Many Blessings!  Pastor Mike

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