Wednesday’s Word – November 11, 2020

Wednesday’s Word – November 11, 2020

Wednesday’s Word

I’ve had this conversation … and I’m sure you have too.    In fact, Folks will say, “I’m a very spiritual person—I just don’t see any point in organized religion.”  Some may even say that the term “organized religion” is an oxymoron.  Others may tell you that they don’t see anything wrong with being a different religion, after all, “They’re all paths to the same goal.”  Many believe we will all co-exist in heaven.  Or maybe you’ve heard this.  “I love nature and I find God on Sunday out on the hiking trail.”  (…the woods…the golf course?)

But make no mistake, for Father of Methodism John Wesley, being a Christian means, loving God with all our heart, our mind, our soul, and our strength, and loving our neighbor as our self.  And for Wesley, loving God and loving our neighbors means we band together with other Christians so we can encourage each other while striving to live out that love.

The genius of the Wesleyan Revival was organization.  While many preachers won converts to Christ through their preaching, Wesley organized his followers into groups to support each other and to hold each other accountable.  They met for Sunday worship, prayer group, bible study, and times of fellowship.  In other words … they didn’t forsake the assembling together of the faithful, on Sunday … or any other day.  Now I know, it is not as easy as it was even just six months ago to assemble together, but it is still important … whether virtual or actual!

Folks, as we look forward to the season of Advent and Christmas, I am excited!  I can’t wait to hear testimonies about what God has done for us, and more importantly, what God is doing now!!  We’re on the same journey; to be built up in faith.  It’s about fellowshipping with God and letting the Holy Spirit infill, refresh, and empower us to live a life for Jesus!  So, get connected during this exciting time of Advent!

Somebody say “Amen!”

Much Love,     Pastor Mike

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