Wednesday’s Word – October 21, 2020

Wednesday’s Word – October 21, 2020

Wednesday’s Word

 “We walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7).  This was my Wednesday Word.  This was my first thought this morning!  Of course, I have recited this scripture many times at funeral services and celebrations of life.  It reminds us that earthly life is like a tent because it is temporary, while life in heaven is like a house built by God because it is eternal!  I pondered that for a moment …. “we walk by faith.”  I was being drawn to the “walk” part of the scripture.  Almost immediately, I thought, Lord, your right!  I should walk.  I should go upstairs right now and reacquaint or reintroduce myself to the treadmill!  I got up, put on my sweats and sneakers, and walked into the kitchen to start my morning tea.    It was right then that mayhem broke out!

Suddenly, as I began to refresh the cat bowls, Howie, (a big, orange, longhaired, bruiser) and Bella, (a long haired, Maine Coon looking, 1 year old) both started jumping, and sniffing, and clawing at the base of a storage shelf.  Howie then scrambled toward the pantry door.  I opened the door.  They ran in.  Then Howie ran behind the door, then back into the pantry.  I saw nothing, so I left the cats in the kitchen staring into the pantry.  I walked down the hall and as I passed my office I thought, “I really need to write my Wednesday’s Word.”  I sat down and turned on my computer. Suddenly! … Again!  Howie scurried into the Bathroom tossing two small bathroom rugs into the air.  He would not be denied.  He caught the mouse!  I then took possession of the critter and removed it from the premises.  Yes, the cats and I have had some exciting things happen this morning.  The question is, “What does all this have to do with Walking by Faith?”  Well, I’m not really sure!  Let me just say it this way:

When I first woke up, I was thinking “Walk.”  And that is a good thing.  But I was reminded its not just walk … its walk by faith!  You see, as we walk, things happen!  Thank God, as we walk by faith, we know God is with us.  God alone knows what is coming round the mountain (or round the pantry door!).  Our job is not to just walk, our job is to remember God is with us no matter what is going on in this walk we call everyday life!

Many Blessings,

Pastor Mike       (and Howie & Bella)

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