Wednesday’s Word with Pastor Jake – April 26, 2023

Wednesday’s Word with Pastor Jake – April 26, 2023

“Find your Joy”

I have said these things to you so that my joy will be
in you and your joy will be complete.
John 15:11 CEB

April 26, 2023

I remember when I lived up north and was serving in my first church. I remember each day, I would go to a local school to pick up one of the kiddos. As I would wait in the lobby, I would always observe other families who were standing there and waiting for their children as well. I still remember a grandfather and grandmother who would come most days to pick up their
grandson. The grandson was probably 10 years old or so, and he was in a wheel chair and nonverbal.

Just about every day, this grandfather would push his grandson out of the lobby and, as they went outside, he would run and push his grandson in the wheelchair; they would take a couple laps around the concrete pad outside of the school. As I watched, the grandfather and grandson smiled ear to ear with great joy as they spent those few moments together. It’s a memory that I
can still remember very clearly. In the midst of their “normal” day, the grandfather was very intentional to find joy with his grandson. Further, the grandmother would usually stand there and watch with great joy on her face as well.

As I think about that today and read this scripture from John 15, I am reminded of joy. I am reflecting myself on the things in my life that bring me great joy. I am also remembering that all of these things are a gift from our loving God. I encourage you today to find your joy. I encourage you to do something that brings you great joy. In the midst of that, try to also focus on
God, who is the giver of our lives and all good things. Amen.


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